We provide snail farming courses for people interested to learn how to set up and run their own snail farms.


Our course has been developed to provide you with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the snail farming sector, breeding techniques, existing markets & opportunities, the infrastructure needed, set up cost, and pitfalls .

At Gaelic Escargot the health and safety of our customers and community is our first priority. To reduce the risk of infection we have taken the step to move our Snail Farming Courses online. The theory part is run through ZOOM online video conferencing. This is the same format as you would get in our face-to-face classroom course. The full farm tour can be then arranged when restrictions are lifted.

Our online Snail Farming Course can be arranged by appointment, it takes 5 hours (10 am-3 pm) and cost €250. To check the next available dates and reserve your place please click here



What snail breeding system do we use/recommend? 

Why do we use and recommend this system?

What yield, in terms of tons per acre could be expected from this approach?

What breed of snail would we recommend and why?

Why is the system we recommend better than alternative systems?


How much investment is required before commencing operations?

What is the minimum size farm that is required to be viable?

What profits could be expected from this size of farm?

What would be the ideal size of farm and what profits could be expected from that?

What are the biggest cost elements involved in snail farming and what is the best method of controlling these costs?

What are the biggest risks involved in snail farming?

What are the main reasons for failure?

What are the main characteristics of all successful snail farms?


An overview of selling snail products overseas based on our experience. 

What is the best marketing strategy to sell products in this/these markets?

What is the best way to present the products in the domestic and overseas markets?

Are there any opportunities for new products?

Non-food market opportunities that might exist for snail products


Laura Dargan

My family and I completed a Training Programme with Gaelic Escargot. We were given full and complete information on farm setup, costs, challenges, infrastructure. Eva answered questions we didn't even know to ask. Very thorough and helpful. A definite for anyone interested in snail farming on a small or large scale. Excellent experience.

Roy McDowell 


I highly recommend doing this course if you are interested in snail farming. Eva is very passionate with what she does and it shows through the quality of her training. She is very knowledgeable and is very happy to pass that knowledge on to you. I got everything I hoped for in this course, I learned so much. I definitely recommend doing this course if you are thinking about getting into this business.

Name, Title

Highly recommend this course. It was well presented and delivered at a good pace, very easy to interact with Eva and others doing the course and ask questions. Eva has built up a wealth of knowledge through her experience, and she is more than willing to share it. It was a pleasure to meet you Eva and we look forward to visiting your farm! 


Sarah McLoughlin

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