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We remember very well our beginnings back in 2013 and the lack of information in regards to setting up our snail farm was definitely the biggest obstacle for us to overcome. Since then we spent the last 8 years on research & development and as a result of this, we designed two types of extensive Snail Farming Courses to share our knowledge & experience with anyone who is looking to set up and successfully run their own snail farm.

Our Snail Farming Courses have been designed around all mistakes we had made in the past as for us it is very important for you to learn all the pros & cons when farming snails before you invest your own resources.

During the course, we are going to teach you step by step how to set up your own snail farm without falling into any traps, how to successfully run your farm during each stage of the cycle reducing mortality rate & labour cost and what challenges and obstacles you can expect. We provide two signature courses:


'how to set up & run your own snailfarm' 

a real-time zoom course

In our real-time Snail Farming Course, the theory part is delivered through Zoom online video conferencing followed by an individual full farm tour which is scheduled after the theory part. This course is a 1-day course, it takes approximately 5 hours (10 am- 3 pm) and costs €250. During this interactive course, you will get the opportunity to engage with me and get a chance to ask any questions you may have. A copy of the presentation we work with during the course will be then emailed to you for further references. 

Since the current worldwide Covid-19 crisis began, this course is a practical way of learning from the comfort and safety of your home environment with the opportunity to also visit our farm whenever you are available to travel.

To check the next available dates and reserve your place, please 



'how to set up & run your own snail farm'

a written module course

This is our brand new offering for people who live in different time zones or who would like to complete the course in their own time. The course costs €250 and the content is delivered through a series of written modules.  In addition to written text and images, the course contains a series of short video clips that demonstrate specific tips and day-to-day operations. You will get the chance to ask questions and receive feedback as you work your way through the course content. 

This course will be available in the next few weeks. If you wish us to keep you updated please sign up below.

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An overview of selling snail products overseas.

What is the best way to present the products on the markets?

Are there any opportunities for new products?

Non-food market opportunities that might exist for snail products.


Characteristics of the ideal breeding (light, temperature, humidity control, mating and day-to-day tasks).

Characteristics of the ideal incubation, hatching process, daily tasks.

Characteristics of the ideal 1st fattening stage and daily tasks.

Characteristics of the ideal 2nd fattening environment (ground preparation, selection and purchase of site materials, site security, protection from predators, daily tasks).

Harvest, purging and hibernation (harvest process, quality control, purging & preparation for sale

Characteristics of the ideal hibernation.

Key risks.


What snail breeding system do we use/recommend? 

Why do we use and recommend this system?

What yield, in terms of tons per acre could be expected from this approach?

What breed of snail would we recommend and why?

Why is the system we recommend better than alternative systems?


How much investment is required before commencing operations?

What is the minimum size farm that is required to be viable?

What profits could be expected from this size of farm?

What would be the ideal size of farm and what profits could be expected from that?

What are the biggest cost elements involved in snail farming and what is the best method of controlling these costs?

What are the biggest risks involved in snail farming?

What are the main reasons for failure?

What are the main characteristics of all successful snail farms?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN how to set up and run your own snail farm?

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